Macular Carotenoids and AMD Conference

8th - 10th July 2015

Downing College, Cambridge University, UK

Six Researchers invited to present their work at the Macular Carotenoids Conference 2015

The Macular Carotenoids Conference (MCC) committee and organisers are delighted to announce that, following expert review, six researchers who submitted their abstracts for to the MCC committee have been selected to present their work from the podium at the famous Howard Theatre in Downing College. The six papers selected include:

1. Paula Calvo from the University of Queensland, Australia will present Tweaking Nature: Zeaxanthin and Lutein concentration in sweet-corn can be modified by genotype, physiological maturity, and location on the cob”.

2. Lydia Sauer from Universitätsklinikum (University Hospital) Jena, Germany will present Fluorescence-Lifetime-Imaging-Ophthalmoscopy (FLIO) of carotenoid fluorescence in vivo”.

3. Chung-Jung Chiu from Tufts University, USA will present “American Dietary Patterns and Age-related Macular Degeneration”.

4. Alfonso Cabrero-Prado from the Macular Pigment Research Group in Waterford, Ireland will present Assessment of lutein, zeaxanthin and meso-zeaxanthin concentrations in dietary supplements by chiral high-performance liquid chromatography”.

5. Albert Koulman from MRC HNR, Elsie Widdowson Laboratory in Cambridge, UK will present The association between poly unsaturated fatty acid containing lipids and carotenoids in Alzheimer’s disease patients and matched controls”.

6. Yuan Tian from the University Eye Clinic Maastricht, The Netherlands will present “Lutein leads to a decrease of Factor D (FD) secretion by in vitro cultured mature adipocytes”.

Prof. John Nolan, Chair of the Macular Carotenoid Conference, said “The standard of the abstracts submitted this year for the 3rd International Macular Carotenoids Conference was exceptionally high, and we are pleased see a growth from previous years. It is great to see such diversity of study in our field. We look forward to seeing all the posters in July, and are looking forward to the Investigator poster presentations. This year we will have two separate scientific competitions for posters and oral presentations. I am personally pleased that scientists will get recognised in this way, as I appreciate the enormous amount of work that goes into each study. We are very grateful to Mr Frederic Jouhet of MacuHealth for sponsoring the prizes again this year.”

Mr. Frederic Jouhet, Managing Director at MacuHealth, sponsors of the scientific poster and investigator presentation prizes, said “MacuHealth is again delighted to sponsor these prizes for 3rd International Macular Carotenoids Conference. This was a highlight from the 2013 conference and we are delighted to be associated with these awards. Top-level independent scientific research is crucial to reach ground-breaking discoveries and thus must be promoted and nourished. MacuHealth’s philosophy is based on such commitment to science as we know it is the pathway to bring forth hope to patients suffering from Macular Degeneration.

Please visit for information on the conference. Reminder: Registration for the conference is now open, do not forget to register and book your accommodation for the conference. Places at Downing College are now limited and are available on a first come first served basis.

Conference Sponsors

Headline Sponsors

MacuHealth is a Michigan Base company focused on preserving vision health and vision performance by providing the only scientifically designed, tested and proven formulations with all three carotenoids found in the eye, (Lutein, Zeaxanthin and Meso-Zeaxanthin). Our sharp focus and commitment to “Trust The Science” is driven by our desire to help improving and preserving vision as well as preventing and managing Age-Related Macular Degeneration, the leading cause of vision loss in North America. Our products are distributed in Europe by MacuVision Europe under the brand MacuShield and in the rest of the world as MacuHealth with LMZ3™ (AMD, Night Vision and Glare) and ClearVision.PRO™ (for athletes, casual and professional and outdoors persons).

Industrial Orgánica (IOSA) is a worldwide company established since 1966, and is currently one of the leaders in providing the macular carotenoids from natural sources. IOSA are committed to research and innovation with the aim to produce compounds to promote health and wellbeing. IOSA are proud to be participating at the Macular Carotenoids 2015 research conference as the Headline Sponsor.

The third international Conference solely dedicated to the macular carotenoids - lutein, zeaxanthin and meso-zeaxanthin